Periodontitis (gum disease) is the leading reason for adult tooth loss. It a chronic problem that slowly causes the loss of the bone that supports the teeth, thus causing the teeth to get loose. It usually does not cause any discomfort until it is advanced, but by the time it progresses this far, patients may have difficulty eating or chewing, and may start to lose teeth as the gums around the teeth become very weak. The inflammatory process caused by periodontitis has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and an increased likelihood of developing certain types of cancer.

Scaling and Root Planing = “Deep Cleaning”

Deep cleaning is one of the first treatments we use in getting your gums healthy again. With local anesthesia, the calculus and toxins below the gum line are removed off the roots of the teeth, and the surface of the tooth is smoothed and polished. By cleaning these areas we aim to remove the factors that lead to inflammation and gum disease.

Home care plays a large role

Proper oral hygiene (brushing technique, flossing, and other hygiene devices) are thoroughly discussed during routine hygiene appointments and at deep cleaning appointments, as good home care is critical for the success of your treatment.

Reevaluation of progress

After three weeks, we re-evaluate the status of your gums and will make further recommendations accordingly. The goal is for us to see a reduction of an improvement in the inflammation around your gums and teeth.