Tooth Extractions

Tooth Loss

The most common causes of tooth loss are periodontal disease and tooth decay.  If the decision is ultimately made to remove a tooth, it can be done comfortably in our office under local anesthesia. You will be totally numb while we perform this procedure, and should feel no discomfort!

Replacement Options

When a tooth is removed, it’s often important to replace the missing tooth. Replacing the tooth helps to restore function (your ability to chew) and your esthetics (so as not to be visibly missing a tooth). There are many ways to replace missing teeth, and we will discuss which options are appropriate for your specific treatment needs. These options include:

Wisdom Teeth (Third Molars)

We do extract some wisdom teeth for our patients. Please read our wisdom teeth extraction page to learn more.

Bone Grafts

Dental implants are the “gold standard” of tooth replacement, and we will often place a bone graft after a tooth has been extracted. You can learn more about when and why bone grafts are used.