Dentistry for Kids

It is very important for children to maintain healthy teeth, and we understand that children are not simply “small adults.”

A focus on children’s care

Even though children will eventually lose their “baby teeth,” keeping these teeth healthy is critical for a number of reasons:

Promoting good habits early: the proper care of primary teeth sets the tone for a lifetime of oral health success.

Spacing: one of the most important roles that primary teeth play is to hold spacing in the mouth so that the adult teeth can erupt properly. If baby teeth come out too early, then the adult teeth may not erupt properly, leading to the need for intervention such as a space maintainer, or future orthodontics (braces).

A positive experience!

Our goal is for every child that we see to have a great experience so that they receive the treatment they need, and grow up without dental fear.  We will try to treat your child in our office; however, if circumstance dictate it, we may refer the child to a children’s specialist.