Full Dentures

If you have lost all of you teeth, we can make you a custom fitted denture to restore your function and esthetics. We use only the best materials and have them fabricated in a local dental laboratory which excels at making dentures look natural. Yearly exams to evaluate the fit of you denture and the health of your mouth are highly recommended.

A more stable denture

While many patients do fine with full dentures, there are some patients who have difficulty with dentures – especially lower dentures – because of bone loss. A certain amount of bone is required to hold in dentures and make them stable for chewing and smiling, and for patients who don’t have adequate bone, they often use denture adhesive to compensate.

And while denture adhesive (PoliGrip, Fixodent, etc.) can work to help compensate for missing bone, there is another alternative.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are a magnificent way of adding that extra hold and stability that patients often need in a lower denture. They are relatively inexpensive and can have life-changing implications for our patients who wear them. You can learn more about how implant dentures can help you smile and eat with confidence on our implant denture page.